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Halloween is a fun-filled time for families to enjoy, but activities such as trick-or-treating can result in serious injury for children. This Halloween, Medical City Las Colinas offers safety tips to keep loved ones out of the emergency room.

Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year, according to the National Safety Council. Medical City Las Colinas encourages parents to keep their kids safe with reflective wear, flashlights, a buddy-system and traffic-safety precautions.

“For motorists, it is very important to pay attention and travel slowly,” says Nathan Ham, DO, medical director of emergency medicine at Medical City Las Colinas. “Notice children moving alongside the side of the curb and slow down between parked vehicles on the side of the road.”

To help families enjoy Halloween while protecting their loved ones, medical experts at Medical City Las Colinas are sharing additional Halloween safety tips:

  • Practice COVID-19 safety precautions. Travel in small groups when trick-or-treating and practice social distancing with other groups. Practice hand hygiene between each activity.
  • Buy or make flame-resistant costumes and make sure they fit properly. Masks, hats or other accessories that are too big can obstruct children's vision. Costumes that are too large can cause kids to trip and fall.
  • Choose bright colors for visibility. Dark clothing tends to be hard to see at dusk. To improve visibility, attach reflector tape, glow sticks or blinking lights to a child’s costume.
  • Supervision is important. Ensure children only travel with known family and friends. “It is important to discuss with children not to go into the homes of people they do not know,” advises Dr. Ham. “Children should not get into an unknown vehicle to get a snack or a treat - and that should all be discussed in advance.”
  • Put cell phones away. Adults should keep close watch on children at all times and stay off their phones, especially when crossing the street.
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